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Fishing adventure TRINIDAD

Fishing adventure in TRINIDAD for Tarpon is one of the absolute supreme disciplines in sea fishing (as well as in fresh water). Countless anglers are almost desperate about this, because getting a Tarpon on the hook is usually quite a difficult task – but then landing it is another thing. The wildly fighting “Silverkings” are all too often lost in their numerous jumps, because the hooks are extremely difficult to grasp in the hard mouth lined with horn plates.

Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures
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Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing trips TRINIDAD

Without really wanting to overdo it: We have been looking for “THE” destination for perfect Tarpon fishing trips in TRINIDAD for years – where on the one hand you get numerous opportunities and also have the best chance of landing the fish. Now we have found what we were looking for: On the North-West coast of Trinidad even “tarpon-damaged” anglers, who have often tried their luck in vain, have a chance of “healing”. Some of the test tours in late summer / autumn 2019 already showed the incredible potential to be found here.

Our local skipper put it this way: 8-10 bites are still possible even on a bad day of fishing. When things are going well, there are hardly any limits to what you can do – then it’s just about the  condition of the angler, because the Tarpons fight like berserkers and, unlike in areas where the water is rather shallow, you can get quick changes of jumps and subsequent escapes faced the depth. This is a pure challenge for man and device.


On a decent day of fishing, 10-20 Tarpons caught are no exaggeration – the previous record is 37 (!) – on 50 bites. There is a reason for this extremely high success rate: Here, fishing is mainly done with live baits, which not only significantly increases the bite rate, but above all the “hook up” rate. The Tarpons simply stick better on the circle hooks. Of course, Tarpons can also be targeted by spinn fishing and / or with a fly – there is also plenty of action here, but the loss rate is then significantly higher.


Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures

The fish occur in all sizes off the coast of Trinidad. The mass of the Tarpons ranges from 20-70 pounds. But fish of 100, 150 and also giants beyond 200 pounds are regularly hooked.


Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures

About Trinidad:

Trinidad and Tobago is a Caribbean country consisting of 2 islands. In contrast to the other islands in the area, this island country is not of volcanic origin, but was once part of the South American mainland. The island was discovered by C. Columbus on his third voyage in 1498. The capital is Port of Spain, the official language is English and the island nation has been independent since 1962. The originally Indian population has been extinct for about 300 years and today’s islanders are mainly descendants of African slaves, or Indian workers, who were brought here for the plantation economy during the colonial period.

Trinidad is characterized by 3 mountain ranges, all of which run from east to west and whose highest peak measures 940 meters. There is tropical rainforest in the North of the island and a savannah landscape in the South. As usual in the tropics, the daytime temperatures are usually around 30 ° C and at night it cools down to around 20 ° C. Trinidad, whose name translates from the Spanish to “trinity” (Columbus gave this name because of the towering 3 mountain peaks), has long been known for its distinctive Creole traditions – especially the Creole cuisine, of course. Awareness of excellent Tarpon fishing will probably only come …


Tarpon season: Generally all year round, but the best time is definitely from June to December. From July to October you have to expect rain from time to time, but experience shows that the number of Tarpons caught is highest during these months.


Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures

How to get there:

From Frankfurt by direct flight to Tobago. From there with an island flight (25 min.) To neighboring Trinidad.

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Open boats / center console in the size of 31 feet / 200 HP outboard are used – so fast boats with a lot of deck space for 3-4 anglers. Up to 5 anglers are possible. Fishing equipment for live bait fishing is on board, but you can of course bring your own. Spin and fly fishermen bring their own equipment.


Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures
Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures

The distances to the fishing grounds are not very far – most of the time you can reach the first hotspots after just 10 minutes. You fish 8 hours a day. There are soft drinks, beer and sandwiches as meals.


Fishing travel TRINIDAD

There are numerous accommodation options in Trinidad: Hotels and self-catering holiday homes – depending on your taste and budget.

For our single driver tour in August, we will be staying at the Hilton Hotel in Port of Spain. From here it takes about 30 minutes by taxi to the marina, where the boat is waiting for us. This additional fishing travel in TRINIDAD time will then be well compensated for by the nice hotel atmosphere.

Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures
Trinidad, Global Fishing Adventures

For individual groups, we would be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs. Just ask us.

We already have a tour for single drivers. Date: 14.08.-22.08.2020

Planned schedule:

Arrival from Frankfurt (feeder from other airports possible) via Tobago to Trinidad.

Transfer to the hotel

Accommodation at the Hilton Hotel in Port of Spain (double room). 5 fishing days / 8 hours each on a 31 foot center console boat / 200 HP. 3-4 anglers on board. Soft drinks, beer + sandwiches included. The 6th day is planned as a “buffer day”, so in the event that a fishing day should be canceled due to the weather conditions. Otherwise, we can either use the day for sightseeing or as an extra fishing day (additional costs).

Return journey via Tobago to Frankfurt

Arrival in Frankfurt – possibly further flight to home airport.

  • Flight Frankfurt-Tobago (other departure airports on request)
  • Flight to Tobago-Trinidad
  • Transfers
  • One week accommodation (double room) at the Hilton Hotel in Port of Spain
  • 5 days fishing / 8 hours each (3-4 anglers per boat)
  • Hosted by: Kai Witt, GFA


Price per person: € 3,899

Single room surcharge: € 950

Costs extra:

  • Meals (except during fishing – there is sandwich + drinks on board). Since we leave too early in the morning to get breakfast at the hotel, we will go to a café or something similar in the marina. Dinner in the hotel or in the city.
  • Excess baggage costs
  • Costs for feeder flight to Frankfurt
  • Tips
  • additional day of fishing

We can use the above price only as long as we can get the flights and the hotel rooms at the appropriate conditions. Therefore please register early.


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