You certainly don’t have to think long to find enough good reasons to plan a trip to Brazil.

Whether it is the fantastic sandy beaches lined with palm trees, the rainforest with its extremely lush vegetation and an unimaginable variety of beautiful plants and birds, the extremely good food or the very hospitable people, their relaxed, open-minded and friendly nature – you will definitely feel good here!


BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing adventure BRAZIL

Brazil means not only getting to know one of the most exotic countries in the world, but also being able to catch the fish of your life time during fishing adventure in BRAZIL.

The starting point of your trip is the small town of Canavieiras, which is located in the province of Bahia, about 1000 km north of Rio de Janeiro. Canavieiras is a small Brazilian town, located directly on the beach of the Atlantic OCean and at the mouth of the Rio Pado

BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing trips in BRAZIL

The fishing trips BRAZIL is so promising that your adrenaline levels will inevitably rise as the capital sea predators will challenge you. Cpt. Shawn Wallace, an Australian who has successfully fished 20 years in his home on the Great Barrier Reef and has been chasing Marlins for two decades before Canavieiras, is convinced, that the Royal Charlotte Bank, which is located just off the coast, is the reason that makes place one of the top 3 in the world.

He has to know it, because during his time as a skipper he hooked almost 1,500 marlins with numerous fish in the 800-1000 pound class. About 20 marlin “raises” (ie fish that are attracted to the surface by the bait / teaser) 4 strikes (ie attacks or bites) and 1-2 caught fish per day are usually the average. On good days it can be much more ……

Particularly noteworthy is the high average weight of the Blue Marlins caught here, which is estimated at over 200 kg (!). This is probably unique in the world. In addition to the Blue Marlin, there are White Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo and Dorado as by-catches. Given these numbers, it comes as no surprise that both the current IGFA world record for Blue Marlin (over 1400 lbs) and for the White Marlin not have been caught not far from here, just south of the Royal Charlotte Bank.  And Shawn Wallace is sure: Even larger specimens swim around here …..


A very interesting alternative here is the “speed jigging” on ​​powerful Amberjacks in the 10-35 kg class. On a relatively light device (Shimano Spinning Rods with Stella stationary reels; optionally also with e-reels), these lightning-fast predators offer a drill that you won’t soon forget. You can also catch the Amberjacks with natural baits, which is also operated here and, as additional fish species, produces various Snappers, Groupers, King Mackerel and sometimes huge Rays.


BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures

How to get there

From Germany e.g. with Condor (charter) to Salvador de Bahia and from there on by domestic flight to Ilheus. It is also possible to fly with airlines such as Air France or KLM via Paris or Amsterdam to Sao Paulo and from there to Ilheus. In any case, an overnight stay is required on the way there, either in Salvador or in Sao Paulo, which we will of course organize for you. From Ilheus about 1.5 hours by car to Canavieiras.

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The “Camargue” is a 39.5 foot Cabras Mar Yacht, with 2 x 325 HP Mercedes engines.

BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures
BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures

Fully equipped with depth sounder / GPS / complete safety equipment and EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon, i.e. an emergency signaling device that transmits the position to the rescue workers). With a cruising speed of 20 knots, you can go to the fishing grounds on the Royal Charlotte Bank.

The Accommodation

You will stay in Casa La Ma, which has only recently been completely renovated and where you can expect comfortable rooms, a pleasant living area with TV, and Internet access. From here you can walk to the boat in just 5 minutes.


Breakfast is included – no matter how early you start fishing.


BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures
BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures
BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures
BRAZIL, Global Fishing Adventures

Tour Offer Brazil

Tour-Code: GFA-BRA-1

Price per person with 4 participants: from € 2.699

  • Flight Germany-Ilheus-Germany (flights from other countries on request)
  • Overnight stay in a middle-class hotel in Salvador or Sao Paulo
  • Transfer Ilheus-Canavieiras-Ilheus
  • Accommodation, either in the skipper’s guest house for 6 nights
  • 3 days Big Game fishing on board “Camargue”


  • Transfer in Salvador or Sao Paulo from the airport to the hotel. (here is the best way to take a taxi)
  • Catering
  • Tips




Fishing travel BRAZIL

Of course, we can also create an individual fishing travel in BRAZIL offer according to your personal wishes. Just ask us!

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