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Fishing adventure PAPUA NEW GUINEA

“We make your fishing adventure in PAPUA NEW GUINEA dreams come true” – that’s the slogan of our partner in PNG … and in fact a look at the map is enough to imagine that fishing dreams come true here. Papua New Guinea is actually quite remote in the far southeast corner of the Asian continent. .

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures

But if you then look at where the actual fishing grounds are, you understand at the latest that it can hardly be more remote and that the sea predators in this region have hardly ever seen hooks or even nets.

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing trips PAPUA NEW GUINEA

The journey takes you to the “Long Reef”, which extends about 50 km southeast of Alotau (the southeastern tip of PNG) over the same distance to the east. Of course, such an area is not so easily accessible and would be far too remote for day fishing trips in PAPUA NEW GUINEA from the coast. Therefore we use the very comfortable mother ship “K20” to get to the reef and will live here on board for a week.

Boats charter PAPUA NEW GUINEA

For fishing, fast and agile, open boats charter (23 or 26 feet) are used to go to the reef edges. The 26 foot boats charter in PAPUA NEW GUINEA are motorized with 150 HP and designed for 3 anglers – the smaller 23 foot boats with 40 HP for 2 anglers on board

How to get fishing travel PAPUA NEW GUINEA

Of course, you cannot get to such an extraordinary area with a direct flight. The journey is rather long, no question. Experience has shown that fishing travel in PAPUA NEW GUINEA from Germany is either via Singapore or Hong Kong. Depending on the length of the waiting time, a stopover with an overnight stay in the respective city may be planned, on the one hand to recover a bit from the travel stress and on the other hand to be able to do some sightseeing. After arrival in Port Moresby (capital of PNG) then an overnight stay before continuing the next morning to Alotau, where you then board the K 20 to make your way to the Long Reef.
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures

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To get to the fishing area and as a mother ship for living, we use the “K 20”.
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures

Open 23 and 26 foot boats with outboard motors are used for fishing.

During the week long tour to Long Reef you stay on the mother ship “K20”

PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures
PAPUA NEW GUINEA, Global Fishing Adventures

Trips to the "Long Reef" in Papua New Guinea

We offer guided tours for individual drivers at irregular intervals – the dates can be found here. We can organize individual appointments for groups. The “K20” can accommodate up to 12 people. Dates, schedule and prices please on request.

You can find an example of a possible itinerary below.

Flight from Germany (e.g. with Emirates via Dubai) to Singapore or Hong Kong. Flights from other countries on request.

Onward flight to Port Moresby – stay there one night.

Even if the journey seems endless based on the data, it only looks so dramatic due to the time difference. In total you are “only” about 25 hours on the road.

Onward flight to Alotau and then transfer to K 20 and embarkation. Briefing on board, preparation of the equipment and departure towards Long Reef.

Arrival at Wari Island

Here you will start fishing before continuing on to the final destination, the Long Reef

Long reef. Breakfast is available from 6:30 a.m. – fishing starts around 7:30 a.m. Around 5:30 pm return to the mother ship.

Arrival in Alotao. Transfer to the airport and return flight to Port Moresby. Depending on the flight schedule, an overnight stay is required before you start your journey home to Europe.

Return Flight

Arrival Germany

– International flight from Germany to Port Moresby

– 2 nights in the hotel in Port Moresby (DZ)

– Domestic flight Port Moresby-Alotau

– All transfers in Papua New Guinea

– One week accommodation on the “K 20” including full board

– 6 days of fishing on open boats with a guide. 2-3 anglers on board. Packed lunches are carried for the day of fishing.

Since the travel price is largely dependent on the flight, we can only give an approximate price: around € 8,000 per person. We would be happy to provide you with a specific travel price in connection with an individual offer.

Not included in the price:

– Possible overnight stays e.g. in Singapore / Hong Kong

– Excess baggage costs

– Meals, except during the time on the “K 20”

– Tips

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