The Hompeplace of Marlin and Tuna

The Pacific coast of Mexico – a dream area for all those anglers who are looking for a very good chance of catching the fish of life.

Cabo San Lucas is at the top of “Baja California” (Lower California), right where the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Cortez meet. Here at the “Land’s End”, particularly nutrient-rich water masses mix and create an almost unbelievable food chain that extends to depths of over 1500 meters and offers a perfect habitat for more than 650 species of fish, birds and animals.

You can tell that there is an enormous variety of local marine life even before you start fishing – schools with hundreds of Dolphins, giant Gray Whales, which migrate with their whole bodies during the mating season (December-March) screwing water, young Manta Rays that jump out of the water for meters (!) and turn around on their own axis (that sounds incredible, but is really true), as well as Sea Lions, Pelicans or Turtles put many newcomers into their pure state astonish.

But of course the main focus is on fishing – and it really has it all! There is probably no other place in the world where so many Billfish are caught as here. These are predominantly Striped Marlin, Blue Marlin and Black Marlin. Why else would Cabo San Lucas have the nickname “Marlin Capital of the World”? Furthermore there are also Sailfish and Swordfish and of course the almost complete range of “Little Big Game” fish.


When we were there for the first time, we were able to convince ourselves of the fantastic nature and the extraordinary abundance of fish. In just over a week, a total of over 900 pounds (!) of Tuna (Yellowfin Tuna) with piece weights of up to 105 pounds were landed. We also had numerous Dorados (gold mackerel) up to 35 pounds and a Marlin of 140 pounds.


On the second tour, 3 marlins (up to 160 pounds) were caught already on the first fishing day. In the following days, Dorados, Tuna and Sailfish (up to over 100 pounds) were added. Where in the world can you be so confident of getting a Billfish on the hook?


The "El Budster"

29 foot “California Day Cruiser”. Fully equipped with depth sounder, GPS and radio. 2 outriggers, high quality fishing tackle (Penn), 2 fighting chairs. Very experienced, English speaking crew.


The Fishing

The fishing day usually begins at 6:30 a.m. After the fishing grounds have been reached, lures of various sizes are usually used for trolling first and the water is searched for Marlins or Dorados. The Marlin in particular often approaches the lures initially only out of curiosity – but without attacking them straight away. Therefore, as soon as a fish is sighted, it is launched with a bait fish. If the fish has taken the bait, a fight begins, which can last for 30 minutes or several hours. So better be prepared for the fact that the tropical sea predators will demand a lot from you …


An additional aid in finding the fish are large schools of dolphins, which are almost always accompanied by schools of Tuna, since both pursue the same feed fish. Furthermore, birds circling over the water are a good indicator of predatory fish, and should floating wood be found on the sea or a large carpet of sea grass, this is usually a safe place to catch the combative and beautiful Dorados.


What you need to bring

Everything is available on fishing tackle. This saves a lot of space and, above all, money. If you want, you can of course bring your own gear.


In terms of clothing, you won’t need much more than a few T-shirts and shorts. In the winter months (December-March), slightly warmer clothing is also recommended for the morning and evening hours. During this time, the temperatures are usually 25 °C during the day and 15-20 °C at night. In summer it can get very hot (over 40 °C). Don’t forget the sunscreen!


Panga Fishing

Pangas are smaller, mostly around 22-foot long, open boats with outboard engines. You will fish with light equipment, inshore for species such as Jack Crevalle, Roosterfish, Yellowtail, Sierra Mackerel, smaller Tunas and Dorados. There is also an experienced skipper on board who will take you to the best fishing spots. This type of fishing is extremely exciting and you should not miss it.


Either smaller, artificial lures or bait fish are used, which are usually offered right before the bank surf. The bites often occur very quickly and, above all, with enormous force. If the fish is hooked, a rapid drill begins, which you will not soon forget – the fish mentioned above are all enormous fighters.

The Pangas also have fishing tackle on board, but we still recommend taking a high-quality and strong sea spinning rod (100-150 g) and a good stationary reel with 20 lbs. line. If you also want to try a little heavier lures, a complete 20-30 pound boat equipment (with multi reel) would be advisable.


Hotel "Mar de Cortez"

The hotel “Mar de Cortez” is located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas.


Guests will find a very pleasant ambience here – hotel pool, bar, restaurant and air-conditioned rooms, which are simply furnished, but are still clean and cozy.


Almost all activities within the city can easily be done on foot from the hotel. The port is a 10-15 minute walk away.


Mexico 10 DAY TRIP

Price per Person

Number of Persons
Price per Person
4€ 2289,--
2€ 2389,--

Tour-Code: GFA-MEX-1

All prices are subject to the required booking classes for the flight.

Of course, we can also make an individual travel offer according to your personal wishes. Just ask us!

Services for 10 DAY TRIP

Flight from Germany to Los Cabos (departures from other countries on request).  Arrival in the evening (local time) .Transfer to Cabo San Lucas, overnight stay in the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)


Day off. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Panga fishing. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Big Game Fishing. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Panga fishing. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Big Game Fishing. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Panga fishing. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Day off. Overnight at the Hotel Mar de Cortez (double room)

Transfer to airport and return flight to Germany.


Arrival Germany

Flight, transfer, 8 nights in a double room (1 double and 1 single room for 3 participants), 3 days Panga Fishing (5-6 hours) and 2 days Big Game Fishing (8 hours ).


Meals – there are a variety of restaurants in the harbor where you can have breakfast or dinner. For the day at sea you can also buy a lunch box.


Natural bait (Live Bait) – these are available at a price of USD 2-3 each morning from one of the “Live Bait” fishermen. As a rule, 10-15 bait fish are needed per day.