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A – from a geological point of view – probably unique location can be found directly off the coast of Golfito, in the south of Costa Rica, not far from the Panama border – because here 3 tectonic plates meet, which through their activities create an underwater landscape with mountains and canyons, which is also characterized by volcanic activity. Above all, this has a very positive impact on the ocean currents on site, which in turn brings with it tons of food – including smaller (Bonitos) and larger (Yellowfin) types of Tuna – and in their wake, the kings of the oceans: Marlin.

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Fishing adventure in Costa Rica

There is hardly a place in this world where the Billfish appear so numerous. In addition to the dominant species (Blue Marlin), the Black and the Striped Marlin are also regular catches. A so-called “Grand Slam” (3 different Billfish within 24 hours) is always possible here, especially since there are often plenty of Sailfish and there is also the chance of Broadbill (Swordfish) during night fishing

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The success has a name: The “Thumper” has been a guarantee for exceptionally good marlin catches for years and was recognized by the Billfish Foundation in 2018 as the boat with the most Blue-Marlin Tag & Releases in the entire Pacific Ocean. If you include the Black and Striped Marline, you get a whopping 5.9 marlin on average per day of fishing – almost unbelievable, but officially certified. We do not give a catch guarantee anywhere on the planet – not here either – but given such numbers, it must be more than the devil if one should not be successful in the Marlin season (mid-April to February)….



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In addition to a very professional crew and a boat perfectly equipped for Marlin fishing, there is another aspect in addition to the exception area described above: The boat owner has several so-called “FAD’s” (Fish Attraction Device, i.e. devices made mostly of wood anchored offshore below the water surface and thus magnetically attract small fish and large predators) whose position, of course, only he knows.

In combination with the naturally created places, which can also only be reached by large yachts, this seems to be the key to this sensational success. And don’t forget: on the “Thumper” the bait is in the water with the first sunlight until darkness falls in the fishing area. The way to the fishing grounds and the way back take place at night.


COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures

What should also be mentioned: The latitude on which Golfito / Costa Rica is located is practically rarely hit by strong winds. This is not only important with regard to the otherwise possible days off, but also makes life on board a lot easier.

COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures

Operation “Grand Slam”

A multi-day tour on a 61-foot yacht in one of the best Marlin areas in the world is of course usually not a very inexpensive task – to understand that, you certainly don’t have to be a great arithmetic artist. We found a way on our tour to offer such a trip at a relatively – actually even at an extremely cheap price.

The charters boats

Admittedly, the term “Operation Grand Slam” once described the break-in into Fort Knox and came from the legendary James Bond movie “Goldfinger”. For our project on this tour, the motto is no less correct – because it is about 3 different Billfish (e.g. Blue Marlin, Black Marlin + Sailfish) on the boat within 24 hours (we are more than 70 hours at sea) to bring and to release again. The IGFA (International Game Fish Association) then calls this a “Grand Slam”.



Of course, this Grand Slam would only be the icing on the cake, because the main focus is of course on having as much action as possible so that each participant gets the experience of – hopefully – several Marlin drills.

COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures

The dates for the “Grand Slam” tours can be found in the “Packages” section.


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The Thumper is a 61-foot Mikelson yacht with 2 x 825 HP MAN diesel engines. The most modern nautical equipment is a matter of course. Lifebait tank, TunaTubes (to keep the bait fish alive) as well. Large salon, 3 cabins (2 x with a very comfortable double bed and one with a bunk bed) 2 x shower / toilet.


COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures
COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures

For a multi-day tour, a “night captain” is included as part of the crew, so that the boat can either change location after sunset or bait can be laid out for night fishing (Shark / Swordfish). Only “Stand Up” is fished, which of course gives the angler a lot more pleasure in drilling.

If you haven’t done that yet – don’t worry, the crew is very experienced and will be happy to give tips / assistance if required.

COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures

Boat owner's guest house

.. after the 3-day / 4-night trip at sea, you will stay in the boat owner’s guest house for another 4 nights and then have a “relax day” and 2 more days of fishing (inshorefishing) before heading back home. The house has a total of 4 bedrooms, kitchen with lounge and outdoor pool.


The marina is within walking distance.

COSTA RICA, Global Fishing Adventures

Operation „GRAND SLAM“ 16.09.-24.09.2020

World class Marlin fishing off the coast of Costa Rica.

Arrival from Germany (from other countries on request)  at San Jose Airport around 15:00. Then transfer (about 5 hours) to Golfito. In the evening we board the “Thumper” and heading towards the fishing grounds with arrival there the following morning.


The next 3 days are all about the Marlin – from about 5:30 a.m. to just before 6:00 p.m. we will be chasing the Billfish.



Inshorefishing – also from the “Thumper”. About 12 hours each. Target fish: Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Amberjack, etc. with both lifebaits and poppers.


Accommodation as above.


Transfer to San Jose and return flight


Arrival Germany

International flight to San Jose / Costa Rica

– transfer

– 3 days / 4 nights on board the “Thumper” including full board. Accommodation in a double cabin

– 2 full days (each about 12 hours) inhorefishing – including meals.

– 4 nights in the boat owner’s guest house

– Tips for the crew and for the cleaning staff in the house (Note: Since the tipping habits of the US-dominated markets often seem a little unusual for Europeans, we have already factored this costs  into the travel price).

– Participant t-shirt

– fishing license

– 1 year membership in the Billfish Foundation (BF) – this means: every angler who releases one or more Marlin will receive a visually very beautiful certificate from the BF as a lasting reminder for a (hopefully) unforgettable fishing adventure.

– Hosted by: Kai Witt, Global Fishing Adventures



Price per person: € 4,390

Number of participants: 6

Not included:

– Catering on land

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