A country full of breathtaking beauty ...

Rugged cliffs, golden yellow beaches, lush rainforests, snow-capped mountain peaks, hot volcanic springs, rivers in which eels or rainbow trout swim and large glacial lakes make New Zealand one of the most diverse countries in the world.

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
The island nation located in the southern Pacific. Called “Aoteora” by the indigenous people (which means something like “land of the long white cloud”), it is divided into a South and a North island, which is divided by the notorious Cook Strait.
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing adventure NEW ZEALAND

There is probably no other place on our planet that is further away from Germany. No question, a trip to New Zealand is one of the highlights in “travel life” even for globetrotters. But even if the way is long – it is definitely worth it. In addition to all the scenic highlights, for us anglers, the crucial question is of course what New Zealand has to offer in terms of fishing adventure in NEW ZEALAND – especially sea fishing.

Fishing trips NEW ZEALAND

Before we go into this in detail, first some basic information: Of course you can explore the country with a rental car as part of a New Zealand tour and take a fishing trip in NEW ZEALAND here and there. If you are interested, we can also organize such a tour – but in the following lines it is more about planning a tour, which is dedicated mainly to the  fishing.

One of the first questions you will inevitably ask yourself when going to New Zealand is: North Island, or South Island? If you don’t have unlimited time to see both islands, i.e. the whole country, this is the first important decision. From a landscape point of view, both islands are undoubtedly extremely attractive. The south island with a vegetation that is not infrequently reminiscent of the landscapes of Norway (especially in the fjordlands), but also with frequent capricious weather, as it is common in Norway too.

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

Here on the South Island you can of course fish anywhere along the coast in the sea – but you shouldn’t expect too much from the fish species and average sizes.

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing travel NEW ZEALAND

The fishing, as it is offered by many boats there, often produces small and medium-sized fish, such as the much sought-after Blue Cods or various types of Perch and Snapper, and is more reminiscent of what we do on the Baltic Sea coast in Germany. This is something if you are fishing traveling to the South Island as part of a New Zealand tour and would like to take a fishing day.

For a planned fishing vacation, however, the North Island is the far better starting point. Even the subtropical vegetation suggests that the fish species should also be different here. And so it is: The coast section from the northeast tip to the Bay of Islands, which consists of a total of 144 islands, is home to numerous exciting sea predators.

Whether you want to fish for the wildly fighting Yellowtail Kingfish with light tackle, or for Snapper, John Dory, and  Blue Cod – you are definitely in the right place.

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
But the Bay of Islands has much more to offer: when it comes to deep-sea fishing, you can count on capital “Hapukas” (a Grouper species) – and those who go a little deeper can catch the legendary Swordfish here even during the day. Sure, it takes a bit of patience for this – but you can say without exaggeration that the “Broadbills”, as they are called in New Zealand, can be really big here.
It is therefore no coincidence that several IGFA world records for this species of fish have already been set here. This also applies to the Striped Marlin. Furthermore, different types of Sharks can always be expected – predominantly Mako, Bronze Whaler and Blue Sharks.
The starting point for successful fishing is the small town of Whangaroa, a short distance North of the Bay of Islands. From here, one of the best places in the world for the “gladiator” of the oceans, namely the Swordfish, can best be reached. We are talking about the so-called “garden patch” – a drop off to the deep sea. Here the Broadbills, which are usually only followed at night almost everywhere in the world, are fished at depths of over 600 meters during the day.
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

To make this possible at all, a corresponding special fishing technique had to be developed.

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures


Geoff Stone, skipper of the “Major Tom II”, was the one who not only developed a specially designed fishing rig for Swordfish, but also mastered the fishing technique, in which the drifting boats charter has to be kept exactly in one place over long periods of time over deep water. Geoff is therefore an absolute pioneer for this type of fishing and is in demand as a speaker at numerous lectures.

Admittedly, Swordfish fishing is of course a game of patience – and it has to be, because getting the biggest fighter of all seas on the hook shouldn’t be that easy.

First of all, the weather has to be right to get to the “Garden Patch” and then of course a little luck is also required. Nevertheless – the chances of catching one of the gladiators here is really good – and then it is not uncommon for fish between 100-200 kg – sometimes even larger ..
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

As mentioned above, this is not just about the Swordfish. Big Groupers, which are also caught in natural bait fishing in greater water depths (usually 200-300 meters), are undoubtedly one of them. This can be fish of 5-10 kg, but also specimen of 40-50 kg, or even larger. As a by-catch, a  Bluenose is often attracted by the bait.

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

If you want to fish near the shore at shallows, then you target the combative Yellowtail Kingfish with light tackle and smaller bait fish. With average sizes of 6-10 kg, these lightning-fast predators deliver a good fight – now and then specimens beyond the 20 kg are included. As a by-catch, Snappers and also the very popular John Dory (St. Petersfish) go on the hook – and also many other surprises.

Coastal fishing, some of which even takes place in the bays, also has the advantage that there is still an alternative in stronger winds. If you are interested, you can fish for the different Shark species at these places.

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We are currently working with 2 boats in New Zealand. Both of them have extremely experienced skippers.

Major Tom II  / 40 Foot

New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures

Lucky Strike/ 34 Foot

The Marlin Hotel Whangeroa and the bar of the neighboring Big Game Fishing Club.
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
New Zealand, Global Fishing Adventures
Single driver tours to New Zealand are currently not planned. For groups, however, we are happy to create individual offers – according to your ideas. Just ask us!

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