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FIshing for Porbeagle Shark in the very North of Ireland

One of the most beautiful coastal landscapes in Northern Europe: Steep cliffs,  gently curving fileds, green mountains – not seldom used as film set for world famous Hollywood movies — all this you can find in the very North of Ireland.

A destinations that suits particularly for sea anglers who love the waters of the Northern hemisphere. You will start the fishing trips from Greencastle, or  from some other small villages in the very North of the Island.

Particularly exciting is, that the main target fish are a bit different in comparison to the fishing in Norway or Iceland – and because of the huge biodiversity, you have a good chance of catching a lot of different interesting species.  

To name the first and foremost sportfish in this area: The Porbeagle Shark, which occurs in these waters in numbers like hardly in any other place on our planet. In the main season you have a very good chance to catch them almost every day  — sometimes even more then one Shark per day — assuming that the weather conditions allow to fish at the hot spots.

But even on more windy days the fishing is not automatically cancelled — “we can fish in almost all weather conditions”, so the statement of skipper Hamish — “it is still safe, since we can always go to sheltered places in the bay  — and here we catch fish too – days when we have to cancel the fishing trips are extremely rare.” This experience was also part of our testrip in when fishing at a wind force of 8 Beaufort — even on this indeed not very comfortable day, when in comparison to many other places fishing would be simply impossible, we could catch a good number of Topes (30-40 lbs). The Tope is another Shark species which you may encounter here, beside the Porbeagle Shark.

Of course, there are not only Sharks in these waters — beside Cods, Haddocks, Coalfish and Pollock, you may be prepared for bis Skates. Beside this there are plenty of flatfish — Plaice and also Turbot.   

You will fish on board the “Predator” with skipper Hamish Currie, who has been fishing in the waters of Northern Irelands for decades. There is very much unlikely any other boat that caught so many Porbeagle Sharks, as the Predator did. Hamish is a very much experienced captain who knows each little detail for being a successful fisherman. On top he is a passionate sport angler himself and knows exactly the expectations of his guests.

The accommodation are typical residential houses/apartments on bed&breakfast basis — just a few minutes away from marina.

Even this is not the typical destination to fill up your deepfreezer with masses of filtes, you still have the opportunity to take some frozen fish back home with you (e.g. Flatfish, Pollock,…).

Seasonin Greencastle: Beginning of July until mid of August – because from here the distance to the Porbeagle grounds are the shortest.  After this period the boat will start the trips from Cushendal (Northern Ireland) for the rest of the year and target mainly huge Skates.

How to get there

By plane either to Belfast or to Dublin. From there you continue by rental car.

By car there are several options/routes to travel, for example via France and then by ferry Calais-Dover and further on from Holyhead to Dublin, or from Cherbourg directly to Ireland (Rosslare).

We gladly assist you with your travel planning.

The Predator

30 feet, walkaraound with a lot of space for fishing up to 6 anglers. A 315 HP Yamaha engine accelerates the Predator to a cruising speed of 19 knots and a top speed of 29 knots  – thus she is probably the fastest charterboat along the entire North Irish coastline. Much more important than the speed is, that the Predator behaves very gentle cruising through the waves – especially when the sea is more rough. Modern nautical and safety equipment are obvious.   

Skipper Hamish Currie is well known for many years being a very experienced fisherman – particularly for the fishing for Porbeagle Shark and huge Skates. After he got biten by a big Shark into his boot (which was fortunately equipped with a steel cap), he made it even on Irish television.

Bed&Breakfast Accommodation

You will stay in typical  Bed&Breakfast accommodations – that means  houses who have several bedrooms, bathroom with shower/toilet, living room and fully equipped kitchen. WLAN-Internet is available in almost all houses (if doubts, just ask us before). The photos give you an example for one of the accommodations. Generally you will stay in one house together with your skipper.

Catering: Hamish will take care about the breakfast (included in the price), meaning he provides all food — and you prepare it yourself and you can also take something with you for the day at sea.

In the evening, you may either use the kitchen, or you go in one of the local seafood-bars, restaurants or pubs.

Für groups with 3-6 persons we will gladly make you an individual offer incl. flight or ferry. Do not hesitate to ask us!


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