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Iceland – you may immediately think of geysers, glaciers, waterfalls and volcanoes. But first and foremost you will certainly think about the almost 5000 km long coastline, the marvellous fjords and of course the incredible fishing resources.

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing adventure ICELAND SUDUREYRI

Hardly any other sport fishing adventure ICELAND SUDUREYRI destination has made so much furore during recent years, like this island in the North-Atlantic Ocean, where the warm Gulf Stream and the cold water from the East-Greenland currents meet and provide about 270 different fish species with huge nutrition.

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures


If you take a look on the map of Iceland, you will discover very quick, that long parts of the coastline are totally uncovered and thereby encounter the mood changes of the Atlantic Ocean. In the Westfjords on the other hand, you will find a coastline structure that reminds rather to the one from Norway – numerous Fjords, which can – depending on the wind direction – still give you opportunities to fish in covered areas, even sometimes when winds are stronger.

The Icefjord is the largest fjord in the region and cuts about 75 km into the land.



The Fishing Villages Flateyri and Sudureyri

In Flateyri and Sudureyri you will find comfortable houses/apartments for self catering. The distances to the fishing hot spots are short, thus both places are perfect destinations to start the hunt for the big predators o the sea. 

You will mainly be Fishing travel in ICELAND SUDUREYRI on the legendary sand plateau, which is located on the outside directly at the entrance of the fjord. In just about 20-50 metres deep water you wil ecounter incedible numbers of Cods in all sizes. Not seldom you will have the chance to beat the 50 lbs mark — Cods close to 70 pounds have een caught here already by anglers.

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures

Furthermore Wolffish, reaching more than 20 lbs can be found close to the shoreline, but also on the Shell Banks  of the Sandplateau

The drop off at the exit of the Icefjord, where normally big Cods and sometimes also Halibuts are hunting in a range of 50-100 metres, is also not far away. Particularly in late spring and at the end of the season (September), those spots are absolutely hot spots for the very big fish.

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures


Starting from Sudureyri it is just about 15 minutes by boat and from the more sheltered in the fjord located village Flateyri about 25 minutes, to reach the first hot spots.

Both villages (just about 250 inhabitants each) are pretty much similar and it’s not surprising that everything goes around the fishing trips in ICELAND SUDUREYRI here.

But still the infrastructure is very good: You will find a small supermarket close to your accommodation. There is a fishing tackle shop, a food stall + restaurant and also a swimming hall.

Both fishing tackle shops in  Sudureyri and Flateyri are well sorted –  however, they are constantly being expanded and extensively equipped. The guides take care of that most necessary tackle is always available in both shops and they are also ready to give you some hot tipps+tricks for your next fishing trip. The shops have also floating overalls  (e.g. Mullion, Daiwa,..) and fishing equipment available for rent.


In this fishing village we can offer you accommodation  in 3 different categories, spreaded over the entire village. However, our main focus is on the same type of cottages like in Flateyri of which you will find 3 in Sudureyri.

Also here to each cottages belongs one boat and all facilities are in close walking distance. From the 3 cottages you have a walking distance from app 300-500 meers to the boats.

Since the cabin boats can be locked up you do not have to carry each day all your fishing gear back and forth to the house.

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures

The charters boats

Both in Sudureyri as well as in Flateyri we will have available for you the very much popular icelandic cabincruiser. They are   7,85 metres long and equipped with 130 HP/Echosounder/Plotter. 

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures
ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures

Housetype „Standard“

Built in 2007 – cottages in typical canadian woodstyle.    Comfortable living room with sofa, dining area and SAT-TV.  fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower/toilet.   3 sleeping rooms with totally 6 beds. There are 9 cottages of this type available in Flateyri and 3 in Sudureyri.

ICELAND SUDUREYRI, Global Fishing Adventures

Packages for Flateyri Main- Shoulder- and Lowseason 2021

Main Season:

Anzahl der PersonenPreis pro Person / Verl. Woche, €
22.695 / 1716
32.360 / 1265
42.120 / 970
52.050 / 863
61.910/ 696

Shoulder Season:
04.05-25.05 UND 27.07-17.08.2021

Anzahl der PersonenPreis pro Person / Verl. Woche, €
22.620 / 1.642
32.310 / 1212
42.050 / 899
52.010 / 818
61.850 / 630

Low Season:
06.04-27.04 und 24.08-21.09.2021

Anzahl der PersonenDer presis pro Person / Verl. Woche, €
22.300 /1004
32.100 / 717
41.900 / 526
51.800 / 405
61.700 / 282

Prices for housetype  Standard/Basic in Flateyri/Sudureyri (see accommodation). Weekly flights according to schedule (Departure Tuesday/ Return Wednesday or Thursday).


Flight from Germany, Denmark, Switzerland or Netherlands to Iceland. (Other Airports on request). At the international airport in Keflavik our team will welcome you. The bustransfer to the domestic airport in Reykjavik takes app. 40 minutes. On the same evening you will take the flight to Isafjördur/Westfjords. (flying time app. 35 min.)  From Isafjördur a short bustransfer (app. 30 min.) or by rental car (if booked) to your final destination.

One week „Fishing with no limit“ — as long as your physical condition allows (starting Wednesday.). On next Tuesday afternoon you will return the boat and pack all your luggage. In the evening you will go be transfered (or by rental car) to Isafjördur Airport and fly back to Reykjavik.  After arrival bustransfer to the hotel in Hafnarfördur.

In the early morning bustransfer to the International Airport Keflavik. Here you will get the frozen fish packages. Flight back home.

  1. Non-Stop-Flights from several European airports witht Icelandair (Bookingclass L/H) incl. Tax and Fees. 2 x 23 Check Inn Luggage + 10 kg Cabin luggage.
  2. All transfers or/rental car in Isafjördur
  3. If Rental car: Cat A/Z until 4 Pers. and Cat. B/N from 5 Pers.) for one Week in the  Westfjords incl. 200 Kilometer/Day.
  4. Domestic flight to/from Isafjördur
  5. Cottage incl. electricity, water, heating, final cleaning,  bedclothes/towels
  6. Dieselboat 7,85m / 130HP /Echosounder and GPS-Plotter (excl. Diesel, incl. Insurance/Prop is not insured)
  7. 1 bzw. 2 night(s) in 3***-Hotel in Hafnarfjordur in 2-, 3- or 4-bedrooms after return from the Westfjords
  8. Fishing Information + Fishing Maps
  9. Briefing and Service by the local experienced

You may extend your stay by one day, if you wish.  In this case you will have the full Wednesday for sightseeing. Our partners from Iceland ProTravel can offer you interesting day trips. For example the Blue Lagoon, Walewatching trips, city tours in Reykjavik or the busroundtrip „Golden Circle“ (Thingvellir, Gullfoss-Wasterfall and Geysir).   This additional night we offer you free of charge!

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