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Where in European waters you will nowadays be able to fulfil your dream of Big Game Fishing?

It’s not much more than a day trip by car from most of the central European countries and you will be in Jezera, a beautiful small fishing village, located on the croatic island Murter. 

With the first view on the map you will get an idea already about the gorgeous maritime landscape that you will find here. An endless number of islands, inhabited or uninhabited, rocky or aforrested. In addition marvellous bays and the clear water of the Adria.

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing adventure JEZERA

This “land of the 1000 islands” will not only offer you a fascinating nature, but also very exciting possibilities for sportfishing. On the one hand side you have the Big Game Fishing – first and foremost for Bluefin Tuna – but on the other hand side you have also very good options for the bottom adventure in JEZERA with bait for species such as Conger, Hake, and other heavy fighting predators of the sea.

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures

In Jezera Big Gamer as well as “normal” sport anglers will be satisfied. Our partner is Georg Blänich, an excessively experienced Skipper and sportangler by passion. Georg is has been fishing in the waters of Croatia since 1964 and is well known here in Jezera to be the mainspring for the Big Game Fishing. There is hardly anybody else who knows area so well – the directions of the currents, which routs the fish are going and how temperature and atmospheric conditions influence their habits of hunting. You will find reams of Bluefin Tunas with single individuals up to 200 kg in his own catch reports.

Fishing trips JEZERA

As by-catch you will probably have Broadbill Swordfish, Tresher Shark, Blue Shark, Amberjack, Albacore or Dorado. Since the residents of the Mediterranean sea agreed upon a quota for the industrial fishing trips in JEZERA for tuna, the numbers of caught tuna by sportanglers have increased continuously – but the real effects of this agreement should be expected in the coming years and so the sportanglers may look into a auspicious future. If your purpose is only the Big Game Fishing, ten you really should go with Georg as your Skipper on the charter boat “El Patron” (see the description below). 

Another special thing here in Jezera is, that Georg offers beside his Big Game Yacht a second boat for hire – and this is a cabincruiser for selfdriving (see description below). This offer might be unique in entire Croatia because fishingboats in this size are normally just for charter together with skipper. With the Delphin you can especially go for Hake, Scorpionfish, Seabreams, and John Dory — however, also for Tuna if you like.

The possibilities for fishing are oustanding here – but you should have some knowledge about the area so that you will have the desired success. There fore all our guests who decide for the “Delfin” will have beside the instructions for the boat a full day with Georg on the “El Patron” where he is going to show you all fishing methods and the hot spots where you can fish. 

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures

The charters boats

There is a number of underwater rocks in the deep range 30-170 metres. At special places Georg sometimes set an anchor buoy which you can use to moor the boat when fishing. And as you know – you can fish for Bluefin-Tuna also…. Georg will give you the isntructions for this ambitious kind of fishing (rigs, baits, chumming, etc.), if you like. You can rent the required gear (80 lbs) from Georg (please advise beforehand). Using this technique we have caught an 38 kg Bluefin on a spot that has been meant originally just for ordinary bottom fishing, with an extra rod set out for Tuna. Not a bad bycatch…

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures


Generally you can fish all year round in Croatia – but you will face a tremendous higher risk regarding the weather in the period from mid of November throughout mid of March, when you have the “Bora” winds more often which can make all fishing activities impossible. However, the best time for the Bluefin Tuna is from Juli to November. The bottomfishing may be good at any time of the year – as long as the weather allows you to get to the spots.

What to do with the fish

Almost all the fish you can catch are very good for the kitchen – the Bluefin-Tuna is absolutely delicious, of course and counts to the most expensive fishes world wide. You may cook part of your catch already during your stay and you may take something back home. Your host will help you with freezing possibilities and tell you if there should be any paperwork necessary for exporting the fish.

Please pay attention to that since January 2018 Croatia has implemented new rules regarding the tackle being used and also regarding the retain of fish. Please inform yourself before your first fishing trip – your host will help you.

Regarding the Bluefin Tuna there are even special rules which may change from year to year. The Quota will also be negotiated among the other mediteranean states and that means that in certain times of the year only catch and release may be allowed. However, it is simply not possible to predict those periods beforehand. In any case the purpose of your journey should not depend on the amount of fish you may be allowed to take home.

How to get there

Many anglers from middle Europe will travel by car as the distance is rather short (example: Munich-Jezera is approximately 800 km). However, if you wish to travel by plane, your final destination will be Split. From there you can go either by rental car or we may organise the transfer for you. The trip from Split to Jezera will take you about 1,5 hours.

Please pay special attention to the entry requirements when travelling to Croatia; especially if your are Non-EU citizen. All necessary information you will get in the Croatian Embassy of your country.

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures

El Patron

29 Feet powered by  2 x 250 PS Turbo Diesel

Equipped with:

  • Radar
  • GPS
  • Plotter
  • Echsounder
  • VHF
  • Outrigger and  Fighting Chair
  • Shimano Gear on board

Price per day Charter: € 699,–

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures
CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures


20 Fuß (6,50 meter) Cabincruiser powered by 150 PS VW Turbo Diesel.

Equipped with:

  • GPS

  • VHF

  • Echosounder

  • Outrigger

  • Fighting Chair

The boat can take up to 3 perons for fishing. It is meant for selfdriving (License required). Deposit: € 1000,–.

Price: See Tour Packages


You will stay in the guest apartment, which is located in the upper floor of Georg’s house. The apartment is perfect for 3-4 persons.

CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures
CROATIA – JEZERA, Global Fishing Adventures

Beside the living room (with TV and a little kitchen corner) you will find one bedroom with a double bed. On top of that 2 sleeping places in the loft of the apartment and another possibility in the living room. Bathroom with shower/wc and cosy roof terrace.
The marina is just a few minutes walk from here.


10 Day Tour Package

Day 1:
Your arrival at Jezera and Check Inn

Day 2:
Instructions for boat + fishing. Fishing trip with  “El Patron”
(assuming that the weather conditions allow this)

Day 3.-9:
Fishing with the “Delfin” (for selfdrivers)

Day 10:

9 nights in Apartment in Jezera, one fishing day on  “El Patron” and 7 days boat rental of the  “Delfin”.

Price per person:

€ 1.249,– (2 travellers)

€ 849,– (3 travellers)

Not included:

– Fishing license (app. € 20,– p. pers.)

– Tuna license (app € 100,–/not required if you fish on board “El Patron”

– Fishing gear (€ 50,– p. set)

– catering



If you need an individual offer, it will be a pleasure for us to work something out for you – just ask us!


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