Fishing adventure Tanzania Zanzibar & Latham Island

Fishing adventure in Zanzibar – the sound of this name alone could hardly be more exotic and inevitably makes you dream about snow-white beaches, coconut palms, spices, friendly people and the turquoise blue sea.

The archipelago belonging to Tanzania, consisting of Unguja and Pemba, is only about a 15-20 minute flight from the mainland and can also be reached by direct flight from Germany. All of our operations start from here.

TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures

The small town of Nungwi is the starting point for all day tours, which then either have the Levan Bank or the Mnemba Atoll as their destination. There are no less than 6 different species of billfish that occur here depending on the season – among them different types of Marlin, Sailfish and also Broadbill Swordfish. There are also Wahoos, Dorados, Yellowfin Tuna, King Mackerel – and of course Giant Trevally (GT). The season usually starts from August to October with a focus on Tuna and then from November to March on Marlin + Sailfish. Black + Blue Marlin mainly until December and Striped Marlin from December to March. There is always a chance of Swordfish all year round – here you can do either slowly trolling or drifting at night.

TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures

Best fishing travel in TANZANIA

If we include the expected weather conditions, we believe that the best fishing travel in TANZANIA during for months are the period from early October to mid-December. Experience has shown that fishing is also very good from mid-December to the end of February, but on average it is significantly windier and the sea correspondingly more rough. In addition, around Christmas and the turn of the year there are significantly more tourists on the island. From the end of February to around mid-March there will be another period of time for travelers who have no problem with one or the other rain shower. These are the first signs of the rainy season, which is then in April, May and until mid-June.


Latham Island

Latham Island is a small flat coral island, located approximately 35 nautical miles southeast of the mainland (Dar es Salaam) and 30 nautical miles from the southern tip of Zanzibar. Their remote position far off the coast is certainly one of the reasons why you will find one of the best fishing spots in all of East Africa. Latham Island is considered the best place to catch large Dogtooth Tuna – probably not only nationwide, but even worldwide. It is not for nothing that numerous world records for this species of fish have been set here and several specimens beyond the 100 kg mark have already been captured. Most good fish weigh 30-80 kg and are still part of every angler’s dream – especially for those who love speed jigging!

There are also large GTs along the reef edges whith whom the anglers can start a battle. Specimens up to 60 kg have already been landed. Furthermore Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Barracuda, Dorado, Jobfish, and numerous Shark species (including Tigers, Hammerhead, Makos and many different Reef Sharks)

We drive to Latham Island on “Live aboard” tours with the catamaran “Walkabout” (see: Boats). Season: October to mid-December, since experience has shown that the sea is calmest and the fishing is at its peak.

TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures

We offer 2 different options in our travel offer

1) A combination of relaxation, adventure and fishing vacation, which is perfect for couples who want to go on a beach vacation in an absolute top hotel on the one hand, and of course also want to take a few fishing days. You will mainly fish on the Levan Bank and around the Mnemba Atoll.

2) The “Live Aboard” tour by catamaran to Latham Island, which is ideal for extreme anglers who are looking for a very special experience. ideal for groups of 5-6 people.

TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures

How to get there

There are different ways to get to Zanzibar. The only direct flight from Germany is currently offered by Condor (from Frankfurt). However, since these flights are only seasonal and are also quite expensive, we have integrated the flights with Turkish Airlines into our package offers. These are relatively fast connections from all major German airports via Istanbul to Dar es Salaam. From here we continue with a small plane to the approximately 20-minute flight to Zanzibar.

The Boats charter

The “Sansuli” (3-4 anglers) and the “Cobia” (2 anglers) are mainly used for the day tours. On a longer “Live Aboard” tour to Latham Island you will then go on the catamaran “Walkabout”.

Fishing trips Walkabout

… what a boat! 50 foot catamaran with 2 x 56 HP (if the wind is right, the sail is also set). 4 large cabins, each with a king-size bed and private bathroom with shower / toilet. Note: One of the cabins is for the crew. Large salon with seating area and counter with bar stools. Outside on the aft deck there is a large dining table for 6 people. On fishing trips in TANZANIA lasting several days, you will be fully catered for on board. Fishing equipment (trolling) completely on board.

We use this boat for all “Live Aboard” tours to Latham Island – and on request for a night tour on Swordfish off Nungwi.

TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures


32 foot Blackfin Yacht with 2 x 375 HP / depth sounder / chart plotter. Fishing tackle (trolling) completely on board.


27 foot catamaran with 2 x 150 HP / depth sounder / chart plotter. Center console / walkaround. Fishing tackle (trolling) completely on board. Ideally designed for 2 anglers.

TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
Information about the fishing tackle on board

Basically, all boats have the necessary trolling equipment on board. Depending on the type of fish to be targeted, 30, 50 or even 80 lbs equipment is used.

If you are interested, bring your popping / jigging gear with you.There is a limited amount available on site, but you will have to pre-order in any case and you should also know that stationary reels in Tanzania runs with right-hand operation and a conversion to left-hand operation is not always possible.

The Z Hotel

You can hardly live more beautifully – the 4-star boutique hotel is located directly on the beach. The Ocean-View rooms offer a spectacular view of the snow-white sandy beach and the turquoise-blue sea. In the evening at the candle light dinner directly on the beach, you really think you are almost in paradise. A variety of activities are offered from the hotel – in addition to the fishing trips, you can also go on snorkeling / diving tours or plan your shore excursions from here.
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures

Travel offer Tanzania

1) Latham Island – offers on request

2) Zanzibar – offers on request
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
TANZANIA, Global Fishing Adventures
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