Fishing adventure st. Lazarus Bank and Querimbas Archipelago

Immerse yourself in a paradise island world with coral reefs and untouched landscapes, Mozambique is without question one of the most beautiful countries on earth.

Since tourism has so far hardly entered here and sports anglers are also extremely rare, this area in south-east Africa is extremely attractive.

MOZAMBIQUE, Global Fishing Adventures

We offer “Live Aboard Tours” on a catamaran in Mozambique. I.e. Upon arrival, you will be picked up from the airport, boarded and will be at sea around the clock for the entire duration to explore and fish the island world and the exciting Fishing adventure in MOZAMBIQUE grounds. If you wish, you can of course also spend a few extra days in a lodge at the end of the tour.

MOZAMBIQUE, Global Fishing Adventures

The St. Lazarus Bank is located about 45 nautical miles off the coast and has an extension of about 9 x 18 km. On the steep slopes you quickly reach 1500-2000 meters water depth – on the bank the water depth goes from 60 meters in the shallow areas to less than 10 meters in the shallowest places. Flushed by the warm Mozambique current, this remote area is a magnet for predatory fish. Every year from August to February, millions of tons of shrimps are found on the bank, offering all sea predators a well-laid table.

Fishing trips MOZAMBIQUE

It is mainly rainbow runners that feed on the crustaceans – and these in turn are prey fish for the big predators. You don’t have to be a fishing trips in MOZAMBIQUE biologist to imagine that this place is a magical attraction for almost all fish species in the region.

In the focus are above all Giant Trevallies (GT), which have already been captured here in sizes beyond the 60 kg. Also Dogtooth Tuna (up to 75 kg), Yellowfin Tuna (up to 100 kg) King Mackerel, Wahoos (up to 40 kg), Barracuda (up to 38 kg), Sailfish, Grouper, many shark species, and, and, and …


MOZAMBIQUE, Global Fishing Adventures

The local people say – if you have a bait, wobbler, blinker or similar that has never caught a fish anywhere – take it to St. Lazarus Bank and the fish will take it apart….

The Catamaran

The “Pelagic II” is a 45 foot catamaran, built in 2011, with 2 x 125 HP Yanmar diesel engines (9 knots march speed / 16 accounts top speed). Echo sounder / plotter / VHF / SAT phone (for emergencies). There are 3 double cabins for guests on board. Kitchen with sitting area, shower / toilet.  Please bring towels with you.

MOZAMBIQUE, Global Fishing Adventures
MOZAMBIQUE, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing travel MOZAMBIQUE

You can practice practically all types of fishing from the catamaran – jigging, popping, natural bait travel in MOZAMBIQUE and trolling.

Accommodation on board the catamaran (see: boats charter)

Tour Offers Mozambique/St. Lazarus Bank

The tours to the St. Lazarus Bank take place from September to December. We would be happy to make an individual offer for groups of 4-6 people.