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Fishing adventure MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON

The sport fishing paradise for all fans of spin fishing adventure in MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON – both light tackle in the lagoons on Trevallies, Bonefish, Permits and many others as well as heavy tackle, especially on large GTs (Giant Trevally) on the outer reefs. Fly fishermen also get their money’s worth in this area.
MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures
The Saint Brandon archipelago – also known as the Cargados-Carajos Islands – is located around 400 km northeast of Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The total land area of the archipelago is just over 3 km². A huge reef stretches along the 65 km north-south extension of the archipelago, whereby almost all islands on the west side of this reef rise from the sea and thereby form the remains of a lost volcano.
MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures

Politically administered by Mauritius, the islands were probably discovered by Arab seafarers as early as the 7th century and were then controlled by Portugal, the Netherlands, France and Great Britain over the centuries. Only since 1968 did St. Brandon count as part of the independent Mauritius.

For many years this archipelago has been an absolute restricted area for tourists and anglers – but fortunately there are now a few, few dates when this area was made accessible. It is well known that paradises are seldom located directly at the motorway exit – so getting to such an extremely unusual area is somewhat more difficult. You fly to Mauritius, spend the night there and then board the “AQUILA” (see also Soudan Bank Tours). After about 24-26 hours drive you will reach the archipelago. Note: There are 2 double cabins on the AQUILA for the crossing – this means that the first 4 registrations are accommodated in the cabins – the other two participants can spend the night in the salon (sofa).

 Boats charter

You fish on site mainly from smaller, open boats charter (2 anglers + guide each) – depending on the weather, either inside the lagoon or outside on the reef. We usually fish with 3 teams of 2 anglers, of which 2 teams occupy the boats and 1 team fishes from the shore.

MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures

In the lagoon, lighter lures are mainly used for Trevallies, Bonefish, Permits etc. – if you want, you can try your luck with the fly. Then on the outer reef with big poppers and stickbaits on Giant Trevally. The “AQUILA” is always ready for offshore fishing (extra costs), insofar as the weather permits.


From Mauritius to St. Brandon we will use the ‘AQUILA’. On request, this boat is also available on site for offshore fishing trips in MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON

MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures
MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures
Otherwise, we fish from open boats (2 anglers each) with a guide.
You will stay in a bungalow on Raphael Island – in the very north of the archipelago. Please do not expect luxury in such a location – the accommodation is very “basic”, but has everything you need. Two guests share a bedroom with air conditioning. There are a total of two bathrooms, a cozy lounge area and a fully equipped kitchen. You will be fully catered for the duration of your stay – with both typical Creole and international dishes. Water + soft drinks are freely available. Wine and spirits should be pre-ordered or brought by yourself.
MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures
MAURITIUS /ST. BRANDON, Global Fishing Adventures

Hosted trip to St. Brandon from 17.11.-01.12.2021 (15 Days)

Fish with us in one of the last paradises on earth!

Scheduled course of the fishing tour

Arrival from Germany (via Paris) to Mauritius. 2 nights in a hotel. Departure from other countries on request.

In the afternoon transfer to Marina Port Louis and departure with the “AQUILA”. Catering on board.

In the afternoon arrival South Island. Check Inn Bungalow.

Fishing at the South Island (from small boats and from shore)

Departure in the early morning (app. 05:30) heading to Raphael Island (in hte North). Arrival app. at 08:30. Fishing for the rest of the day. Accommodation in bungalow.

Accommodation in a bungalow (double room) on Raphael Island. Full board.

Fishing from small boats (2 anglers per boat with skipper) and from shore. On demand the AQUILA is available for offshore fishing (extra cost).

Return from St. Brandon to Mauritius

Arrival in Mauritius, transfer to the airport and return flight.

Arrival Germany

– Flight Germany-Mauritius h / r

– Transfer Airport-Hotel-Marina in Mauritius

– 2 x overnight stays on the AQUILA (double cabin or salon / see above)

– 7 full days fishing on St. Brandon. 4 x from the boat with guide / 2 x from land (or alternatively from the AQUILA

– 75 liters of boat gasoline per small boat on St. Brandon

– 8 x nights in St. Brandon in a bungalow (double room – see above)

– Full board on St. Brandon and on board the AQUILA

– Hosted by: Kai Witt, Global Fishing Adventures


Price per Person: € 6.499,--

... and we are around € 2,000 lower than tours of this type are normally offered ...


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