Madagascar - that sounds like far away, adventure and ... an Eldorado for sea anglers!

The island off the south-east coast of Africa not only has a unique flora and fauna to offer, but is also home to an almost unimaginable biodiversity of marine fish.

Around 2000 species of fish and thus a good 80% of all fin carriers from the Indo-Pacific region can be found here. The reason for this abundance of fish is the warm currents in the “Mocambique Channel”, which is located between the west side of Madagascar and the African continent. This nutrient-rich and clean water flows along the many reef structures that form a labyrinth of underwater canyons, gorges and plateaus and thus offer countless sea predators an optimal hunting ground.

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The trip we offer takes you to Nosy Be, a small island in the northwest of Madagascar. Nosy Be is about the size of the island of Rügen (Germany) and is one of the best developed areas of Madagascar for tourism.

MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

Nevertheless, you are far away from mass tourism – on average there are around 400 holiday guests who stay on Nosy Be at the same time (for comparison: there are around 3,500 in the Seychelles and around 700,000 in Mallorca in the summer months!). The volcanic, very fertile soil leads to an extremely lush vegetation with jungle, sugar cane fields as well as coffee, vanilla and clove plantations. Furthermore, this paradise-like island in the northwestern part has some wonderful sandy beaches.

Fishing adventure MADAGASCAR

As already said – the waters around Nosy Be are extremely rich in fish. Due to the great diversity of species, the fishing adventure in MADAGASCAR techniques are also different and provide a lot of variety. First of all, of course, trolling (both with artificial lures and natural baits) – with target mainly the sword-carrying fish (such as Marlin or Sail) and Wahoo. In addition, the boat is also anchored regularly, either to fish for large (sometimes very large) groupers, various types of sharks, snappers or rays, or to offer bait in open water with balloon assemblies. But also popping and jigging for GTs, Tunas and Snapper is very productive.

On bait, we were able to land an 81-pound Giant Trevally that had swallowed a whole 4kg Tuna baitfish. The most dominant fish species are certainly Giant Trevally, Grouper and – depending on the season – Sailfish. On top of that: Many Sharks….

MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

Fishing trips MADAGASCAR

Multi-day fishing trips in MADAGASCAR to Castor Bank, Cape San Sebastian, or to the Radama Archipelago / Nosy Lava with the 37 foot catamaran!


MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

The Castor Bank, Radama / Nosy Lava and also Cape San Sebastian have long been among the absolute highlights of die-hard Madagascar anglers. The problem so far has always been that the journey was difficult and, above all, time-consuming and since day trips were practically not worthwhile.

We now have the optimal solution for this: a multi-day trip on the catamaran – a 37-foot catamaran. This boat not only offers a lot of space for fishing, but also an unusually high level of living comfort – there are 4 cabins on board, a cozy salon with galley, and of course a very large flybridge. The boat is powered by 2 x 180 HP machines. State-of-the-art nautical equipment goes without saying.

With this  boats charter you can easily reach the extremely fish-rich fishing grounds on the Castor Banks, at Cape San Sebasian or in the Radama Archipelago / Nosy Lava. And above all: Here you can jig, pop, natural bait fishing to your heart’s content (and fitness) – and of course trolling (especially on longer trips from one hot spot to the next).

We offer tours for individual drivers (usually 1-2 dates per year), but we can also organize very individual tours for fixed groups (4 people).

See: Fishing travel offers

Note: In the period from 15.01.-15.03. due to the weather (cyclones) no trips can be made.

MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

A 37-foot catamaran is available for multi-day trips (Nosy Hara, Kap San Sebasian or Castor Banks).


MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures
MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures
MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures
MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

The bungalows "Le Grand Bleu" are located on a hill with a wonderful view over the sea.

They are simple and functional, offer space for 2 people and have:

– bathroom (shower / toilet)

– air conditioning

– safe

– small veranda

You can eat in the hotel restaurant. Here you can spend your vacation in a pleasant family atmosphere.

MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures
MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures
MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

For fixed groups (4 people) we would be happy to make you an offer - individually according to your ideas and wishes.

Madagascar as a fishing destination has been on everyone’s lips for some time now and catch reports of large Giant Trevallies and the brutally fighting Groupers are always included.

So far, however, “only” the coastal waters around Nosy Be, or off Mitsio Islands, have mainly been fished.

But we want to go even further with our tours, and fish with you on the legendary Castor Bank – a huge underwater reef, which is about 40 km wide and 100 km long and, in addition to the fish species already mentioned, also large Dogtooth Tuna, various Billfish (e.g. Black Marlin + Sailfish), Wahoos and many other exciting fish species

MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures
MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

Alternatively, we can also go to the – very fish-rich – northern coastal area of ​​Cape San Sebastian and Nosy Hara, where predominantly artificial lures (popper / jigs) are fished for Giant Trevallies, King Mackerel and Barracudas. This area is always a good alternative, in the event that the weather for the Castor Bank does not play along so well (which luckily happens very rarely).

Back to the Castor Bank – this plateau, about 50 nautical miles off the coast, rises gradually from a depth of 3000 meters to an average water depth of 50 meters – with a few shallows that are just 12 meters deep. How can you reach such a – very distant fishing spot – for fishing, you may ask…. For this we use a perfectly equipped catamaran that is ideal for multi-day or weekly tours. The catamaran is 37 feet long and is powered by 2 x 180 HP diesel engines.

4 cabins and a cozy salon make life on board pleasant. We are at sea around the clock on this tour and therefore there is – at least in theory – 24 hours of fishing time per day. So it depends on your desire and condition how much of it you will fish. We are of course fully catered for on board.

This tour is mainly “action fishing”: So, jigging, popping and natural bait fishing (life bait / dead bait). A bit of trolling basically only when we drive from one spot to another.

MADAGASCAR, Global Fishing Adventures

Castor Bank Tour: 02.12.-11.12.2020

  • Flight Germany-Nosy Be

    • Transfer

    • 6 days / 5 nights on board

    of the catamaran including full board. Fishing on the Castor

    Bank or Radama / Nosy Lava – of course only if weather conditions allow

    (You can also fish at night when the boat is on anchor)

    • 2 nights on Nosy Be

    (after arrival and before departure)


Price per person: Only € 3.999,--

This price is only valid as long as we get the flights in the required booking class. Departures from other countries on request.

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